TRUX Leadership

David Ische

David joined TRUX in 1999 after graduating with a post graduate degree in Accounting. An undergraduate degree in Economics, combined with 4 years of sales and customer service experience, provide David with a solid foundation for his role as Lead of Sales and Implementations and as a member of the TRUX management team. David’s tenure at TRUX has provided him with the opportunity to collaborate closely with TRUX customers, at all stages, from initial sales demonstrations to support.

David’s commitment to integrity during the sales process, dedication to successful deployments and his focus on building customers for life will help create the ideal customer experience for you. You can contact David at 1-877-216-8789 or by emailing him at

Matthew Benoit

Matthew has been with TRUX since 1999 and he came to us with over five years of waste industry experience, including working for a national waste management company. Matthew graduated in 1991 with a Bachelors in Economics from the University of Western Ontario and has been an integral part of our Technical Support department since 2002. Since day one, Matthew has leveraged his programming abilities, in FoxPro and SQL, project management skills, and Crystal reports, to help our customers.

As the manager of Technical Support, you can count on Matthew’s troubleshooting and technical skills to help your staff through any IT related issues you may encounter. You can contact Matthew at 1-877-216-8789 or by emailing him at

Paul Sulentic

Paul graduated from McMaster University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in 1996. In 1997 he obtained a Geographical Information Systems Specialist Certification and shortly after joined a large Waste Management Company learning all aspects of the business. In 2002 he joined the TRUX team and started in the Technical Support department. He quickly demonstrated an ability to communicate with clients from their perspective. Paul credits his success to his ability to speak “Garbagenese” and fully understand a company’s operations, billing and reporting requirements. As an integral part of the TRUX implementation, conversion, and training teams, Paul uses his knowledge of the waste industry, along with his personable and patient manner, to make each customer’s transition to the TRUX Software Suite as painless and seamless as possible.

Regardless of whether you’re a dispatcher, customer service agent, supervisor, manager, controller or owner, Paul is able to understand the needs of your role and how to make our software work for you. You can contact Paul at 1-877-216-8789 or by emailing him at

Qian Peng

Qian joined TRUX in 2002 with 10 years working experience in Software Development. He graduated from Beijing Union University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Engineering in 1993. He then worked with multiple companies and gained experience in developing enterprise applications and embedded systems on different platforms using C/C++, C# and Java, etc.

He started with the TRUX programming team and was a key technical lead. He quickly advanced within TRUX, working on and managing the design and development of the TRUX7 project. As an integral part of the TRUX programming team, Qian applies over 20 years of solid programming knowledge and project management skills to build the best TRUX solutions for our customers.

Prior to joining TRUX, Qian worked with the CheckFree Corporation for electronic billing and payment solutions.

Qian likes exploring new places and going to factories to see how things are made. In his free time, he enjoys riding his road bike.