Benefits of Haul-IT Waste Hauling Software, Waste Tracking Software

TRUX Haul-IT is our flagship Waste Hauling Software, Waste Tracking Software for waste and recycling haulers. Click on the + next to each benefit for details.

Facilitate growth

by streamlining the transactional processes of your business.

Daily process flow designed to smooth month end procedures.

Price classes enable fast, accurate customer data entry.

Purpose-built data structure facilitates any customer having multiple current or formerly active sites and services, each with complete service and billing history.

Intuitive, fast search assures instant retrieval regardless of customer count or data base size.

Navigation is intuitive for waste industry employees.

Multi-dimensional code tables result in fewer codes providing superior reporting.

Empower your people

to deliver exceptional service to your customers.

Customer Service Reps, Drivers, Route Supervisors, Dispatchers, Accounting Personnel and Sales Reps all have important roles in providing the high quality of service key to fending off lower priced competition.

One of the keys to providing quality service is accurate and timely information. TRUX Haul-IT consistently provides the operational data your people need to deliver exceptional service.

TRUX Haul-IT was designed by industry experts and is constantly evolving to provide your people with the best tools to perform their jobs to that end.

Make stronger business decisions because of better visibility into your business

How are you going to improve your profitability and your efficiency? You need powerful data insights to find the profit and efficiency holes in your business.

Route densities, route statistics, driver productivity, vehicle productivity, disposal statistics, service pricing anomalies, route profitability, customer profitability, assigned containers, available containers, container inactivity: these are just some of the measurable metrics Haul-IT provides as a by-product of performing your day to day procedures and billing for services provided.

Maximize revenue

with an industry-specific billing system that eliminates revenue leaks.

Services confirmed as having been performed cannot escape billing.

Routed or dispatched services cannot slip through cracks.

Precise disposal billing with easy reconciliation of disposal costs.

Commodity rebates based upon formulas tied to market indexes.

Optional generation of inactivity fees for idle container assets.

Pre-billing enables preview of billing results ensuring transactional accuracy.

Reverse an invoice or an entire billing to its pre-billing state.

Map detailed revenue and payment transactions to appropriate G/L accounts.

Help your customers to help themselves

TRUX Web Portal & Web Services reduces burden on customer service reps by extending selected and secure self-service TRUX functionality to your customers.

Substantiate the value of your business

with meaningful financial and operational reporting.

Customers who have sold their business have told us the sale transaction was quicker and results more positive because the TRUX system facilitated the due diligence process.

Multiple TRUX customers who sold their business have returned to the industry and selected TRUX without hesitation.

Lower total cost of ownership

TRUX is comprehensive, eliminating need for other software to fill gaps.

You company is not too small for TRUX. Nor will it outgrow TRUX.

Some early stage companies select a lower cost provider only to realize a higher cost of ownership as they outgrow the system and incur data migration costs and business interruption in order to upgrade.

Industry leading time to productivity

We are really competent at migrating competitive system data to TRUX.

We take pride in implementing quickly and with minimal disruption.

TRUX will be up and running in less time and with less stress than you imagined.

When you have a problem or simply need some guidance, a live member of our support team will pick up the phone.

Even our competitors acknowledge that TRUX support is exceptional.


Click on any area to explore its features:


Account Management


Security Data Management


Billing AR Management

TRUX Mobile in Cab

Analytics & Reporting


Web Portal

Operations Management



Account Management


Industry Specific Data Structure

Database structure is representative of real life account management.

Attach Files to Account

Electronic document or image filing to customer records for easy access.

Price Classes

Ensure consistent and accurate service and pricing management.

Custom Fields

Allows for additional database fields to be customized and created.

Surcharge Configuration

Allows for rule based automation of surcharge and environmental fee calculations.

Contact Management

Store information for multiple client contacts.

Dynamic Mailing Address Verification

Eliminates return mail by validating mailing address against USPS and Canada Post databases on entry.

Pricing with Effective Dates – Global Price Increase

Prorated calculations due to service additions, changes or completions are automatically calculated based on start and end dates.

Contract Management

Enables your sales representatives visibility into which contracts need to be signed for renewal.

Customer Issues Ticketing

Document all interaction with client and follow through on action items by assigning the ticket for resolution.

Haul-IT Account Management

Haul-IT Account Management


Billing AR Management


Comprehensive Billing System

Enable invoicing of customers with multiple service types, billing cycles and start dates. Ability to reverse an invoice or an entire billing.

Unbilled Revenue

Optional pre-billing enables detection of errors or omissions prior to committing.

Automatic Generation of Inactivity Fees

Option to charge demurrage fees for container assets that are not moving.

Rebates/ Formula Based Pricing

Rebate Customers for commodities based on formulas tied to Market Based Indexes.

Electronic Invoices E-mailed/Web Portal

Reduce mailing costs by electronic delivery of invoices and enable your customers to access and pay their invoices on-line.

Credit Card & ACH Processing

Automation of payment processing for recurring or one time charges with a Credit Card or ACH

Lock Box

Automate high volume payment processing.

Collection Letters

Automation of collection notification process.

Disposal Reconciliation

Reconcile disposal facility invoices against disposal transactions to ensure accurate disposal costing and third party facility invoicing.

General Ledger Interface

Enables mapping of user defined revenue type reporting to appropriate G/L account.

QuickBooks Interface

Automates month end journal entry postings to QuickBooksGeneral Ledger.

Earned and Deferred Revenue

Differentiated reporting of earned and deferred revenue facilitates the timely booking of deferred revenue as it is earned.

Haul-IT Billing AR Management

Haul-IT Billing AR Management


Analytics & Reporting


Report Center

Comprised of multiple categories of well formatted reports offering user selection and sorting options.


Analysis of logging provides visibility into chronology of data entry and audit of historical transactions.


A daily flash display of key metrics covering sales, operations and accounting.


Multiple informative customer, service and container related reports.


Examine productivity, disposal costing and profitability of routes and vehicles providing on call service.


Auditable financials, mapped G/L entries, A/R & revenue analysis, customer ranking & profitability reports.


Selective current and historical LEED audits as byproduct of daily operational entry.

Ad Hoc

Crystal for unique sophisticated reports or Query Designer for non technical users to create simple queries.

TRUX report writing

Let TRUX fulfill your company specific reporting requirements.


Operations Management


Route Management

Effective tools that make easy work of route placement, re-sequencing and permanent or temporary route movements.

Route Audit Report

Identifies pricing anomalies and provides key performance indicators for each body of work performed.

Productivity Reporting

Select production statistics by Driver, Truck, Route or Service Type.

Google Mapping

Visualize job sites, routes, customer densities and GPS position of vehicle for operational efficiency.

Dispatch Center

Complete visibility enabling dynamic dispatching of all on call activity is enhanced with GPS integration and Google Mapping.

Container Inventory Management

Know your container availability and the precise location and duration of assigned containers

Haul-IT Operations Management

Haul-IT Operations Management


Security Data Management


Security Profiles

Provides management complete control on what TRUX functionality is available to any user.

Data Structure Designed for Optimal Performance

Designed to provide the fastest retrieval and updating of data.

Database Management

Provides tools to query, manage and schedule backups of the database.

Logging of Field Changes & Transactions

Provides visibility and audit trails of transactional history.

SQL Relational Database, .Net Framework

Assurance the TRUX application is kept current with Microsoft business environments.

Haul-IT Security Data Management

Haul-IT Security Data Management


TRUX Mobile in Cab


TRUX Mobile In Cab

Electronic assignment of work orders and routes enables dynamic back office interchange of service transactions and other key metrics.

Navigation & GPS Positioning

Navigation and GPS Positioning results in greater efficiencies and better service.

Container Inventory Update

Enable dynamically updated container assignments and inventory availability.

Disposal Ticket Entry

Disposal ticket entry at source limits data handling, reduces errors and facilitates route completion.

Extra Item Entry

Extra items entry at source reduces the occurrence of missed billing.

Picture Documentation

Picture Documentation for visualization and confirmation of service anomalies.

Document Services

Dynamically documenting service issues at source enhances customer service.

Capture Weight Electronically

Commercial weights captured at source enable analysis of under-priced customers and prevention of over-weight fines.

Electronic Confirmation

Confirm service performance with signature capture.

Haul-IT TRUX Mobile in Cab

Haul-IT TRUX Mobile in Cab


Web Portal


Secure Self Service

Reduce the number of phone calls handled by your customer service reps by allowing your customers secure access to their information.

Web Payments

Enable your customers to make payments directly to their account in one simple online transaction.


Go paperless by allowing your clients to access invoices, statements, service history, supporting documents and pictures.


Allow your client access to manage settings and communications status on their account.



In response to customer requests, TRUX has worked together with a variety of well established 3rd party technology providers to the waste and recycling industry:

Fleet management systems comprised of onboard computers, wireless communications and driver terminals to monitor fleet field activity and provide automated service verification.


Onboard scale weights captured and communicated to TRUX Mobile Tablets.

Verification of service through UHF – RFID event capture system integrated with TRUX via Web Services.

Increased operational efficiency through route optimization software.

Visualization of routes, call in activity and customer densities through mapping software.

Fleet tracking through GPS technology.

Billing service providers – electronic presentation & payment applications.