Research & Development

From the very beginning, the TRUX systems team has taken a unique approach to the development of its industry-specific software. Because we serve a limited industry niche we realized that, to be successful, we have to serve that niche very well. Having worked many years in the waste industry, our principles had become familiar with the strengths and, more importantly, the shortcomings of exisiting software. Our overall goals and software development direction were easily defined by that experience and, starting with a blank piece of paper, we were able to build software products that addressed every unique requirement of the customers we serve.

Today, our systems team takes the same approach to upgrades and new product development. For the evolution of TRUX software to Windows, we started from scratch to ensure the most effective use of new technologies. We didn’t want to force a square peg into a round hole. Our clients and our own experience told us clearly what was needed and the result is the most intuitive, most robust and most flexible package available.
All TRUX software applications are developed in-house by our professional development team. Our programming department leverages a combined programming experience of over 135 years, and 73 of those years are specific to programming for the waste industry.

For operational excellence and rock solid revenue and A/R management, TRUX waste management software sets the standard.


Our primary focus is on software development for the waste industry and our staff are dedicated to helping our clients receive the full benefits of the latest software technologies. Our development team consists of talented programmers and designers who are leaders in their areas of expertise. The TRUX development team has specialists, on staff, who can program in a variety of languages and platforms including C#, .NET, and Crystal Reports. You can rely on TRUX to provide you with expert advice on implementing the latest technologies within your company.